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Old 08-01-2015, 12:18 AM
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Default It was a good run

While it lasted.Thankfully the veggiestroke (V-1) can still be used. Since I've moved to Utah, I've been able to find small amounts of oil from the smaller convenient stores. But almost a few months into it, a renderer swipes my store. I can't get the managers to commit to a contract, call me or discuss anything, but when the renderer shows up in a uniform and tells the store manager they are setting a drum up and to sign a contract, they oblige. I just lost my last store that only netted me 5 gallons a month, tops???????
Last week I dropped by my other store I had lost to a guy who wouldn't pick the oil up for months, had oil stacked again ( about 50 cubies) and left my number for someone, anyone to contact me!!!!!!! Yesterday, the renderer got them, so we both lost out!!!!
So, I installed some block valves on the water line to the V-1 and have been running diesel through the V-1 system. Figured it's better keeping it working until I can find some grease, or just having the fuel capacity for long trips.
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