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Old 01-21-2012, 06:08 PM
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Default Buy, bye gasser!

The WVO community on this site as well as other diesel forums have been crucial to my understanding and motivation to embark on this journey. So first of all thank you for all the help you've provided!

My wheels of WVO have been in motion for just over two years now. I've been lurking/researching until now; I feel comfortable enough. I finally made the leap and purchased a 2002 F250 PSD and sold my Audi B5 S4. There's nothing like charging snow covered roads in a quattro with Blizzaks. I'm going to miss her (my wallet sure wont!)

I have a cold up-flow filtration set up. Currently, three collection barrels that I fashioned after a Clay Henry design. I don't yet have any oil sources of my own. There's a guy in Denver that has centrifuge filtration and is offering to sell a 55 gallon drum of clean VO for $100. That's my backup plan if I can find enough WVO for myself by time the system is installed. I don't like the idea of buying WVO. To an extent, it defeats the purpose of burning WVO.

Six months ago, I had decided I was going to buy a Golden Fuel Systems set-up. It was their website/communication that gave me confidence. That's all behind me now. I feel it's the users and the purpose built kit for PSD's that sold me on the V3 from BFT.

I'm almost ready to buy the full kit as well as the 90 gallon tank/toolbox.

I have a question that I need to have answered before I drop the coin on the kit. Here is a link.

Thanks again for all the information. I'm eager to join this greasy gaggle!
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Old 01-21-2012, 10:40 PM
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Welcome to the addiction.
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