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Old 09-29-2014, 02:51 AM
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Default what would happen if diode installed backwards


I'm feeling a little like an idiot today. Seems I backwardly installed the diode that spans the terminals of the D2 pump on my 2003 f250 7.3 v4. I started the engine, ran it at idle for a few seconds, turned the engine off. A little while later I checked my work only to find that I had attached the red diode wire to the black wire of the pump, and attached the black diode wire to the red wire of the pump. So I reversed the wires to correct my mistake.

Later I started the engine, drove about 2 miles, engine started loosing power and running rough, then died and wouldn't start. I removed the diode but the engine still wouldn't start. It is on a wrecker en-route to the shop now.

I don't understand electronics so here is my question: Could my installing the diode backwards have damaged the d2 pump during those few seconds at idle?

Relevant history: Installed the v4 about 6 months ago, including diode. Last month, after about 10k miles of trouble free service, the engine began to loose power (while running on d2) and then stopped about 2 miles later. It was towed to a shop specializing in ford diesel trucks. Diagnosis was that the d2 pump had failed, and in the process had damaged 4 injectors secondary to low fuel pressure. An expensive repair ensued, during which time the shop owner took the liberty of "returning it to stock", which involved disconnecting the d2 pump from the v4 harness and discarding my diode (lets just say he is non-wvo friendly and leave it at that). On getting my truck home after repair, I reconnected the d2 pump to the v4 harness, ordered a new diode and resumed running on wvo. Today I installed the new diode and the above troubles began.
Regrettably, for lack of my having found a new mechanic, the truck is en-route to the same shop. Obviously, any education you can offer me regarding the diode/fuel-pump relationship would be valuable as I defend wvo in the inevitable anti-wvo sermon that is in my near future.

Thanks in advance,

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