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Old 10-01-2014, 12:54 PM
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Default Sausage kerbs doing more harm than good?//blow over events

Earlier last week I spotted the following article ... than-good/ . As you can read, this article talks about these so-called "sausage kerbs" and their deal in recent crashes from Nick Heidfeld in Beijing last weekend and Konstantin Tereshchenko in the GP3 in Spa.

As it is visible, both drivers got some good air coming from the kerbs.

And then I started thinking, is this all the sausage kerbs fault? How much is in the car itself?

Recent rule changes in the LMP categories have all been to reduce the blow over events, an event where the cars generate lift under sudden yaw(hope i word it correctly here). The ACO first issued a spec underbody for the LMP1 and 2 categories in 2006 together with a dual roll-over hoop. However, as shown by Ortellis crash in Monza 2008, and a few other similar incidents in those years, this was not enough.

From 2012 and onwards the LMPs have mandatory holes in their wheel arches to reduce pressure buildup.

Seeing the effort the ACO had(successfully) put in, it made me think. Open wheelers surely aren't immune to this instability?

To get more closer to the open wheelers. They have a big issue; the open wheels. wheel-to-wheel collisions are a huge issue that sends cars into the air. Indycar tries to solve this by covering the wheels as much as possible, and the Formula E car has a similar philosophy.

Mark Webber had a big crash in 2010 where he collided into the back of the Lotus

Surely the wings of an F1 car would hold the car to the ground, right? Webber's crash shows the car retaining air for much longer than one would expect, and even does a really cool backflip. And the same has been the case in Konstantin Tereshchenko's crash.

Even though open wheelers obviously take off when hitting a huge bump or another cars wheels, there surely could be done something to make this airtime less of a danger? It has been a hot item in LMPs for years and still is, while there hasn't been anything on it in open wheelers.
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