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Old 02-26-2020, 01:23 AM
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Default Pressure switch cycling while system off

So I just got done replacing pump and gave the ole V3 a little once-over while off the truck. Once nice and clean again and re-installed it purged out after a bit of driving and ran as it should. However, when I went to purge and turn system off (auto-run inop at present...has been for some time) I noticed the PR on ssb. So with the switch in off position, the pressure switch was still going on /off with 4-6 cycles adding to the count each time it changed. I'm at a loss. The only thing I can think of as abnormal was one of the wires on the loom for the purge solenoid pulled out when installing the system. I stuck it back in, but if it's not making good contact would that cause an issue?
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