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Old 05-14-2017, 03:33 PM
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Arrow 1999e F350

I currently drive a 1994 turbo 7.3.
Iam looking at this 1999 F 350, how do people set this truck up to run on oil ?
I heard they dont use injector pumps ?
Are these trucks good candidates for running on oil before i buy it ?
I currently tap into the radiator fluid to heat the tank... would a hotfox electric heater be better ? IMG_3877.jpg


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Old 05-17-2017, 11:45 AM
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Welcome to the forum!!

The 7.3 PSD is arguably the best candidate ever for VO conversion.

This is partly because it uses a 'deadheaded' fuel system and HEUI (each injector is its own 'injection pump' - more on that later if you're interested). In a nutshell, the factory fuel system draws diesel from the tank with an electric fuel pump and sends it a the fuel filter on the engine that has a fuel pressure regulator built into it. 'Excess' fuel is routed back to the diesel tank from here and the rest goes to a common fuel rail in each head.

For VO system, we just duplicate all of the factory components (tank, pump, filters, regulator) and separate the (2) fuel systems using simple check valves. 3-port switching valves and timing the return flow during purge, etc is not required. Also, we plumb VO into the opposite end of each head from D2 supply, so when we switch back to D2 we are able to rapidly flush all of the VO out of the heads/injectors and send it back to the VO tank - aka 'purge'. The VO system is heated using coolant (we tee into the heater core circuit). I prefer to use Hot Fox heated pickup vs attempting to heat the whole tank and I also use TIH heated fuel lines, a copper 'coolant wrap' on the VO filter and an aux coolant pump to insure flow to the VO loop.

Dave at Veggie Garage carries upgraded SS hoses with JIC swivel ends, TIH fittings and some other upgrades for the Vegistroke V4 system (which is on sale this month for less than it has EVER sold for!)

2001 F350 XLT 4x4, dually flatbed. 6637 air filter, single-shot injectors, straight-piped, BTS tunes, 200 gal main VO tank - 180k greasy miles
2000 Excursion Limited 4x4. V3, AIS intake, BTS trans & tunes - 120k VO miles authorized installer

RIP X & Toyhauler - you served us well.
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