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Old 11-11-2017, 05:59 PM
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Default Low Pressure, System On

Ok, so I have a very strange issue and need some insight.

I took a long trip in August (2400 miles towing a large trailer Woot Woot) all was well with the V3 system. I had used up much of my oil and had recently refilled my reserves so that I could use oil again.

I kick on my system onto auto when it is all warmed up and the pressure begins to fall, but it doesnt turn off! I am not sure where to begin to troubleshoot.

Why if the pressure switch reads low pressure would the system not shut down?

I am going to start with the prescreen and the pump. I have a fresh filter on it.

Any further insight would be a huge help.

'01 Excursion, 273K miles, 3" Lift, 32" tires, Goodyear Load Levers, DFA V3, TW Chip, straight 4" exhaust, AFE stage 2 intake, ISSPro gagues, TM Wastegate actuator w. BRV+, bucket seats need to be installed - 120,000 Miles on grease
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