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Old 02-17-2018, 10:41 PM
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Default 6.0 v4 startup

Found 2500 gallons of wvo and I was heavily contemplating putting a v4 in my truck because of this. Iíd like to get some info if this is worth doing. I make a 1000 mile trip at least twice a year so this would help a lot for the 6000 miles of vacation driving I do. Iíd use a frame mounted tank and have a toolbox/tank in the bed. My fear is filtration setup and collection/storage. I live in a neighborhood but do any of you get complaints ever? This truck needs a u joint and I got to sand and paint the bed so there is some time to r and d this project.

What are you guys using to filter?
Store? At home and on the truck
Any tuning requirements?
Stock injectors okay?
I wish I could build this thing but longevity is important
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Old 02-18-2018, 07:00 AM
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Donít want to be rude but you need to search. There is a lot of information on this forum.

Some general stuff is most people probably used a centrifuge or a heat and settle method. Chose what your wallet fits and what you think is right. You will need some storage rotors wether it be 55 gallon metal or plastic drums. Maybe a tote (250gal). Some sort of plumbing. Either PVC or Tygon. Try not to use steel or copper or brass. You will need a pump of some kind.

Throughout the forum there is varying levels of experience and knowledge. So post what you think you want to do and you will receive feedback. But please do some searching first

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Old 02-26-2018, 07:33 PM
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Default getting started

glad to hear your thinking about getting into the WVO game. the best thing to do is start shopping around for WVO sources before you invest a lot of money in a system that you may not be able to feed. I personally didn't know jack about this when I started other than what I learned from MTHick, so I just bought a purification system in a box from it was like $1800 and came with everything you needed ready to go out of the box just put it all together. they have cheaper options as well, the $1800 is almost the top of the line system they have.
also make sure if you do dive into this and get everything ordered you have someone that is good with car electrical to do the second part of the install. luckily I had a buddy that used to work in the bay at best buy to finish it up for me. from start to finish it took us about 12 hours to do it all.
not to mention all the extras you will need to collect the oil, store it, and move it around. I personally have a 275 gallon water tote for my final product. I have a few 55 gallon drums for collection, a few fuel pumps and a submersible for collection.
this system isn't very loud nor does it make much of a mess if you be careful. the loudest part is the centrifuge and most residences allow you to make as much noise as you want until 10pm, so I just purify after work from 5-10 and shut it down.
it will looks like a massive investment on paper but you will be saving money like mad if you have the WVO supply to support it, and you will be driving much more than me. for my case, I was paying 350-450 in diesel every 2 weeks in WA summer of 2014. when I put my system in my diesel consumption went way down, since it only uses diesel on start up, warm up and shutdown/purging. I now pay about $55-65 every month to month and a half.
as well I have a facebook group called PACNW vegirammers and vegistrokers if you want to go check it out. ive attached some photos of my setup, MTHicks setup, and my install of the system.
wish you luck if you decide to go WVO.
2005 5.9l 2500 dodge ram, 6 speed, v4 kit
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Old 06-09-2018, 07:59 PM
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Thanks for the posts guys. Sorry I been off the forum for a while. Lot of life crap going on. Had to put a trans in the 6.0 and the mech took super long to do it. Iím on the fence after hearing your thoughts and seeing some pictures of setups. I donít have much space to setup a station that big. Iíd have to ask around and see if I have access to the 2000 gallons. I will inquire with the owner of the fuel and see if itís still for sale and come up with an idea of what to do. As far as installing goes I donít mind the upfront expenses to have less of a bill every month. I go on 500 mile trips quite often and a 3000 mile trip 2-3 times a year so it makes sense to use alternatives fuels. Iíll come up with a game plan, search for more info and then come back and ask questions. Thank you for the posts guys
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