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Old 04-24-2016, 12:29 AM
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Default I'm in the market for a 7.3 truck

I accidentally posted this in the emergency forum. Could someone please move to the general discussion? Sorry and thanks.

Hey all. Not only have I decided to keep the Ex, I am considering buying a truck for work. I've started a new job and am the department head for my counties recycling and resource recovery program. The current company truck is a POS! I have a strong chance of not only purchasing a new work truck but could possible make it a veg burner! Let me know if you hear of anything. Thanks! Extended or crew and 4x4. I should add that the fuel the county purchases is about half of what you pay at the pump so I am not opposed to a good gasser if you all have any recommendations. I like the idea of a veg burner as it ties in with the "green" part of the department. It may be more work then it is worth though. Thanks

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