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Old 03-13-2018, 11:27 PM
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Default 06 no fuel pressure

Hello all, looking for some help here
I have a 6.0
has a v3 on it, have not used it in years.
Friday I was driving down the highway and lost fuel pressure, stalled out
I have noticed fuel pressure was not keeping up under wot on previous occasions and
starting takes 15 seconds now, warm or cold.
I was quite certain my fuel pump died, however I am not sure it is getting power (put the two plugs on a spare pump it did not turn on (spare pump could be bad too)

SO first question, how do I check if pump is getting power.

Second if it is not, where do I look first
checked fuse and pcm relay,
third, the shut off in passenger foot area, is this button supposed to stay depressed?. I can find it, feel it, push it etc, it does not stay down, also had someone hold it down and turn key, fuel pump did nothing

4) I remember some little jumper thing back in the day, what was that
5) If i can't find it can i just unplug the v3 clips?
6) Is there a way to test my fuel pump (can I power it using 12 v from the battery to test it
Thanks much, we will be working on it tomorrow at 8:15, I am kinda under the gun here as we are to get slammed with a snow storm tonight and tomorrow and my primary plow truck is down.
Thanks all
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Old 03-15-2018, 01:16 AM
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FIrst question is when was last time donaldson filter was changed? If filter is clogged from so many years of sitting then the pump will do nothing like youre saying.
You should have 2 different switches. One to control the system and one for the purge valve.
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Old 03-18-2018, 12:49 AM
randyo156 randyo156 is offline
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Donaldson is so old it has holes rusted through. I was not attempting to use the v3 system havent touched the switches in years. I just randomly lost power to d2 pump while driving down the highway
I found the pressure switch was damaged, had an extra one on the shelf, that solved the problem.
So glad to be back on the rd.
I ordered a new pre filter and donaldsons to try to get the v3 back to life

THanks for the help
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