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Old 12-26-2010, 06:44 PM
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Default How to use this section

Its pretty self explanitory. This section will be used to alert others of results with a transaction to buy or sell items on this forum. If you engage in a transaction, the results will end up here for others to see so they may decide based on your past if they want to engage in other transactions with you. Be it good or bad results, please post it here.
This thread is 2 fold, not only to report results but also by its very existance, should cause folks to think twice before acting unprofessionally when engaging in transaction - no one really wants to wear a "scarlet letter".
Simply title a thread with a users name and then report feedback.
No bashing, just post the facts be it good or poor.
I saw this on another forum that has a heavily used classified section and it works very well. Although our classified section isnt used as heavily, people are selling and buying here. I buy and sell alot on the interweb and find this kind of tool very helpfull.

PS: If someone post results of a transaction and its determined that you completely screwed over someone, you will be banned from this forum, straight up.

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