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Originally Posted by biostroker View Post
I pulled the fuel hose from the V3 to the engine tee and tested it. Fuel started dripping out as soon as the ignition switch was turned to "accessory on", and when the veggie switch was flipped to manual on, the diesel came out with a lot of volume. Probably got about 20 oz of fuel in a few seconds. Seems normal. The pump is making a slightly gravelly noise.
I pulled the tank fittings and they were pretty plugged up-looked like polymerized oil that was thick and nasty. Pulled all of the fittings and have them soaking in Super Clean to de-gunk them. The fuel pickup was really hard to unscrew, and found it it's all stripped out. Messed up the opening where the hose barb threads in. Fuel pickup looked clean otherwise. Thinking about JB Welding the threads back in, unless you recommend another method!
So, questions for now-could the plugged vent fitting and fuel return fitting cause the problems I've been having? What can I do to get rid of the gravelly noise? Anything else to test from here?
This thread is so long I'm going to try to figure out the above.

1st. Do you have a pressure gauge? If not, your shooting blind and it's going to confuse what is going on. Get one asap. One that attaches to the shrader valve will work for now.

1. Key on / engine off will cause your stock diesel pump to show what pressure it is putting out. What is that pressure?

2. Putting the switch to manual (With out turning the key off) will show the Scorpion pump pressure. Manual light will not go on without the preset pressure. What is this reading?

3.Pushing the purge switch will change the sound of the scorpion and push any air out of the V3 back into the SVO tank. Does the sound change?

3rd. If you have a bad scorpion pump, you could have SVO shooting out with the test you did because there is no back pressure. Again, this would show with a gauge (#2 above). Also make sure you have a clean svo filter.

Gravelly pump doesn't sound good. It may flow svo, but the pressure is low and the V3 will not switch to SVO since the SVO pressure is not there. You can ajust the pressure all you want but that won't help if your pump is bad.

Get a good in cab pressure gauge. This is an invaluable tool for the v2,3, and 4.
Other members, please chime in if I got anything wrong here.

Here's the rant for wingnut:

I wish pressure senders and gauge were included in all the kits. Pressure sender instead shrader valve. Use the spare wire to the pressure gauge. it would make the members here help with diagnosing problems.
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