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There are a couple write-ups here somewhere. Fenker did one most recently IIRC.

Is this it??

Here is a $40 fuel pump option:

I've used a Magnafuel FPR on my truck and a few others (DIY VO systems).

I recommend replacing the OE fuel filter and putting an aftermarket spin-on filter under the bed (after the pump and FPR) - use a WIX 33972 before the pump. I also recommend running new fuel lines to the heads. Place the diesel-side (3/8") CV BEFORE the tee to the heads for easy access. Use PTFE-lined SS braided hose w/JIC ends for you under hood fuel lines.

I'd love to be more help on the specifics - but I haven't actually done this myself - yet... When are you coming over to do this conversion??? Lol.
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