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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Check the prescreen and tank vent.
How confident are you in your cleaning process? Are you using pho? On my ram I normally see a drop of 2-5 psi under normal acceleration with a new filter. 5-7 on heavy acceleration. As the filter ages that differential gets larger but the psi at idle stays the same or drops 1-2 psi from new. I normally get 8k miles before I start dropping below 8psi under acceleration and change my filter.

The pressure switch on the ram is not reliable. Mine has been stuck showing pressure for a long time. It intermittently will work again randomly. I believe the veggie is hardening the membrane in the switch and this is keeping the switch engaged. The"spring" in the switch is not enough to push back the hardened membrane. The Ford switch works because it is at a much higher pressure.
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