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Do you need a 650 Dash? Or Duane via PM? If so I'm sure we can work something out. This one has ESVPro fuel, pressure, and fuel temp gauges plus the switches on it. The gauges are blue backlit. I'm sure I have pics of it somewhere on this board, or maybe in my profile. I'll try to find a link.
I just put one in my excursion (jason paint matched it and cut the holes) but am getting ready to convert an 07 crew for a buddy and thought it'd be worth the trade. My excursion won't be going back to just diesel so this dash is going to sit on my wall for the next 4 years.

I'd be very interested in the whole scenario, gauges/senders and all, but work the deal with Jason too, it doesn't matter to me.

Pm with a price for gauges/senders/etc and a trade for my dash (or not if jason has that covered) and I'll holler at my buddy and see if he likes the dash setup as shown in your pic.
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