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Originally Posted by Clay View Post
Even if you dont fill your tank to the top you will get sloshing that will make the oil hit the vent. Its not something you can completely avoid unless you never fill you tank more than 1/2 or so.
well...i didn't do it that day...

instead i put it off...then driving to indiana for christmas my light started flashing...i had just changed the filter...i had a full tank...i forgot my toolbox at home...bought a check set of pliers...pulled the was completely clogged up...removed the valve completely...stuck the hose in the hole temporarily so i could finish the 8 hour drive...duct tape around it...worked perfectly...valve is clean and no more issues!

it is definitely the sloshing, but i have an awful habit of trying to fill my tank to the very top...i typically overflow my tank and make a mess...also once it heats up, there is typically oil dripping through the hose and out the bottom...a mess! new years resolution, stop filling up 2" from the top...prevent spills...hopefully not have to clean that as often...

mine took 14 months to clog
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