Thread: Fryer to cubie?
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Looks like cubie + funnel will be too tall. Maybe a 'custom funnel'?

That does not look like a cam-lock fitting on the valve, so no way to put anything on it right? Perhaps invest in a valve that can handle the heat and has a cam-lock fitting? Then you could make a fitting that hooks to the valve with a short piece of hose??

Maybe supply them 5 gal buckets instead of using cubies? Do they produce 5 gal buckets? Thick ones (like drywall mud and home cheapo buckets) will take 200* oil just fine - but, if they snap the lid tight will its hot and it cools off there is a fun science experiment!! I've had a few sources that I would swap 'clean' 5 gal buckets with full buckets when I picked up oil.
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