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Mr Campvan,

My thoughts on a mobile rig would be that your time would be better spent setting up a network of greasers you trust that can fill your rig in a fraction of time for a reasonable per/gal price and avoid the headache of trying to clean while moving. One bad batch and you are up the creek in your only mode of transport.

You may or may not know, but the main ingredients to cleaning oil effectively are heat, time and settling, the latter two do not necessarily happen on the road.

I use a pressure drive DC OC50 centrifuge (OC20 is the smaller one) to clean, it needs to run for 2 hours per 40 gals, this is a powerhungry unit (3/4hp AC motor) and probably the only option for cleaning on the road...albeit not a real good one.

Build your network and keep your oil guys happy. You will have many more smiles than headaches.
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