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Default Installing a used V3 Kit...

In the near future I'm going to install a used V3 kit. This will be the 5th kit I've installed so I'm familiar with the install process, but the rest were all brand new. Here are my questions:
1. Should I pre-emptively replace any of the components? Check valves, hoses, V3 components, etc.? What would you do if you just bought a used kit?

2. Any "new" additional mods I should consider doing? I was just reading about the Racor PS 120 Pre filters (do we need the 1/2" or 3/8"? Looks like 1/2" is PS120-1 and the 3/8" is PS120-2. I don't remember what size the fuel hose is), thinking about adding one of those. Also just read about the toggle switch to turn off the diesel pump as a fail safe, but couldn't find the write up. Anything else I've missed? My kit has been working flawlessly after the Scorpion upgrade, just didn't know if there are any other additions that I've missed! Maybe ball valves at the coolant Tee to turn off the heat to the V3? I put one on mine, but found I never turn it off anyway. Anybody have a good source for 5/8" Tees with a ball valve on one side?

3. Anything else I'm missing, or just forgetting about?

Thanks! I'm excited to have another veggie truck in the driveway!
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