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Originally Posted by OCDiesel View Post
Hello all
I am seriously considering doing a conversion as the cost of running both my old oilburners is stretching the budget these days. I currently have a 99TDI Jetta and a 95 7.3l, both about to roll 400000km(250k mi). I live in New Brunswick, Canada, diesel went to $1.41 per litre($5 plus gal)
Been checking out a bunch of forums and other stuff, and i think i have a grasp of this stuff, but lots of questions!
I want to run the truck on wvo, as I am going to be using it for work, try and keep costs down. It would be nice to hear from others up this way, see how they did it, Im concerned about import duties from the states, and the available stuff up here. Glad I found this site, lots to learn here!
welcome to the forum! your in the right place. For a 7.3 you simply cannot get a better kit than the DFA. We have a few Canadian members that will be helpful. First step is to be sure oil is available for collection where you live.

IMHO, the tdi, go bio, or a combo of bio and conversion kit for winter. They can run wvo just fine, but in the really cold areas they don't retain heat very well. This is onfo I gathered from a member, vegginpsd. she has a lot of tdi expirirence and can get you pointed in the right direction.
- Matt
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