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Default looking for a 7.3 crew cab manual transmission 4x4

possible trade?

I have a 2001 f350 with an automatic, crew cab short bed 4x4 with a veggie oil conversion (non bft and works but has its issues) but really want a manual transmission. needs to be 4x4, could be short bed, long bed and or dually. let me know. I have a v4 (needs a pump, the pump went into my 1999f250 with a v3) sitting on my shelf ready to go into a new truck or a with my 350 if someone wants to trade with a truck already converted to run on wvo. seeing if someone has a manual trans that would be interested in trading for an automatic? let me know. if interest contact me for more info, truck has 298,000 miles, stock injectors and turbo, ts6, new oil cooler, new rear leafs, recent glow plugs, starts in the cold without being plugged in...
thank you
1999 early F250 EC, SB, ZF-6 Lariat V3 DFA
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