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Default I'm scared

So last summer I was out doing some tractor work. On the way back to the shop with the tractor my truck all of a sudden overheated. The truck had lost all it's coolant, probably while I was mowing. My phone was dead and I was still about 30 mins from home. I filled the truck up with water bottles and headed out. I was headed home due to overheating myself and getting sick.

Once I got home I had to immediately lay down after unloading the tractor. The next morning we had to rush to the hospital for my son's first delivery practice. The day after that we had to go back and spend 39 hours in labor. I had a full schedule of working the whole month my wife had for maternity leave.

Then her vacation ended and I had to switch to full time stay at home daddy (for two (2) children). For some odd reason any time our relatives watch them everyone winds up playing hot-potato. For this reason family cannot be trusted with my children.

Now I don't know if any of you guys have experience staying at home but I would not wish it on anyone. Thrown in the two kids and my premature bad back (long story in itself), late night potty breaks and diapers, and the need to stay awake for these late occurrences because I sleep like a rock and a 20hr shift gets to be pretty taxing. I have no energy to even think about the things I need to do at the end of the day.

It took me about 13 months to realize what I had done to my truck (I had 3 backups at the time). I do not know if the batteries are toast, they're only 18 months old, but they won't take much charge. It acts like it wants to turn over but also really low battery level. I can get about 10 rotations out of it after charging with the ex for about 30mins.

I'm scared to start taking things apart... What do you guys think? Am I screwed? After the truck sitting that long (and through one of our coldest winters last year) with nothing bur water in the cooling system? Should I bite the bullet and tear in? (on the wife's next day off of course) Or should I start shopping for a engine swap or rebuild kit?
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