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Default New grease shed

So after getting sick of the HWH, and running a CF into cubbies to try it out, I am sick of forgetting to check on it every 25min and spilling gallons upon gallons all over my garage floor. So... I moved it to the barn. Here is the new setup.

Load of 350 gallons I picked up. (On my new trailer that I just got on a trade and am super stoked about I might add)

The new setup

I pour my dirty oil into the 55gal drum on the ground. Nice and easy to pour in. I got a pump from Harbor freight similar to the $50 ones most of us use, but instead of 10.8gpm it is 25gpm. That pump takes the oil up the 10' to the 60gal tank. Gravity brings the oil to the Absolute CF, then gravity to the tote in front. I have the 10.8gpm pump to a 13' hose with fuel nozzle to go to the truck. I just pull into the breezeway and fill up like a gas station. If I clean more than 275 gal, I can use the nozzle to fill the tote under the CF as extra storage, then put the pump and nozzle onto that tote to empty it. It is so nice and easy. I can turn on the CF and come back 5 hours later to 50 gallons of clean oil.

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