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Lots of options
. I have different ways of doing things at different locations. I switch out drums With new drums in the cold at some. just use a hand cart with a ratchet strap around handle and 55gal drum. Nice to have someone help you push them up into the back of the truck or a low flat bed trailer is even easier, of course.
Also Some places put their oil into aluminum cooking pots. they then pour in the cubies with a funnel . I give these places a free funnel , if they don't have one.. Nice to just pick up QB's and go. For the places that don't want to pour the pots to the cubies I just ask them to keep their cubies and do it when I get there. Hopefully they have extra cooking pots. For some reason my restaurants always seem to have an abundance of these big pots.
I have had one place that melted a thick plastic bucket. I left the buckets for them to use them as skyski said but they were kind of pissed when it melted and oil all over their kitchen floor. it must have been extremely hot. But what may be common sense to you may not some people . So now they only use aluminum cooking pots there too.
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