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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone. This seems like a really great forum and invaluable resource. I hope to learn a lot more about everything.

Originally Posted by greasyX View Post
Devo, welcome aboard...........who did you buy your rig from??????glad to see rigs stay in the circle....greasy.
From a man named Jim in San Fransisco. He was an importer and coffee wholesaler if I remember correctly. He told me to google Vegistroke and it would lead me here. He is a super nice guy and took an entire day to show me how things work, went through a filter change with me, and we pumped the last 50 or so gallons of oil into the tank and some jugs after he showed me how his filter/prep system worked.

Got the van and a heavy duty 110v oil pump for the filling station, a portable 12v pump, about 40-50 feet of hose, 6 new vegi oil fuel filters, a couple 5 micron bag filters, a 55 gallon drum with heater, a few gallons of Valvoline, and a couple other things he had for the system. Everything for $6000.

He said the dealership told him it needed a new master cylinder and driver side ball joint. Estimate was $800. I took it to my mechanic and he did both those things plus rear brakes and fixed a fuel line that goes into the top of the motor that was leaking diesel, the line had deteriorated... not an o-ring or anything. He charged me $460 for everything. Saved me so much aggravation and potentially getting in over my head with my modest tool set.

Towed my first trailer with it yesterday, it was unladen but still kind of fun to use the van for its intended purpose instead of just a grocery getter like so many people who own behemoths like this. XD
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