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Default Culture Award... June 2013

So... two of you have asked for another "culture award"... (translation: chance at more free money).

So... after some thought, I came up with what I think is a pretty good one.

It's been on my "to-do" list for a bit to create a video that demonstrates how to rebuild a pump properly, and what all the parts and pieces are for/do. (There's really nothing much to the pumps, but if someone doesn't KNOW they don't KNOW)....

Then I realized that there's no reason to open up other stuff like this to the user community.

Three awards will be given for the month of JUNE (and July, so don't lose too much heart)...

There will be a $50 award, a $100 award, and a $200 award...

For the best user-submitted videos that help troubleshoot a problem or demonstrate the use of a BFT (or DFA, so long as you use the terminology "BFT" to avoid confusion) system.

I know there are experts out there that have cleaned your check valve... or replaced your check valve... or purge solenoid or whatever. Maybe if you've got the knowhow you can submit it and get $50 for it (since it's a smaller task).

Wanna give a full sweep of your filtration setup? How you collect? What the process is all about? Maybe that's worth something.

Wanna go through a full video demo of an SSB install? (For those of you that perhaps ordered one but havent' installed it?) Maybe that's worth something.

For the big kahuna stuff... shoot a video that shows an install of an entire kit install?

Scan the forums... see where the most common questions are... pick a topic... shoot the video in the context of you showing a chimpanzee how to accomplish the task you've picked... and submit it for consideration.

THREE awards will be given out at the end of June... and then the competition will reset again for July...

Final determination made by me, blah blah blah, BFT has the rights to the videos submitted and can post them on our web site, blah blah blah... common sense rules apply. I'll pick the winning videos (and the $ category they fall into) at the end of each month.

In the end, I'll also probably need not only final video content, but also raw footage you shot so that I can do any re-editing that might be necessary... (blah blah blah). We can work out details on how to submit them as we get closer to the end.

So... pick a topic... shoot a video, and see if it flies.

Happy shooting.

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