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Default Trouble shooting guide

To do it correctly it would take time.but for us non engineer types it's a useful starting spot. There would not be redundant questions and I think only the most complicated problems would come up on the forum. Now, cost, someone or several would have to do this and should be compensated. I suggest a yearly fee to members initially for compiling data and organizing it maybe in a bracketed way. Then maintain the dues to pay a senior vegistroker to be accessible by phone. 20 or 30 hours a week. I would pay a $100 per year to have the option of calling someone in the know. Depending on my van to get me to work is extremely important and when it's down it's extremely frustrating when I can't get info.quickly to resolve problems. This is a great product and the senior strokers are always helpful and I appreciate them immensely.
Thank you for this opportunity
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