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Default General Rules


The following rules are meant as a guideline for acceptable member behavior. In some cases it may be necessary for Admin. to take action based on their judgment and not on any particular rule herein.

We want this Board to be both informational and enjoyable. The basic ground rules are simple: show respect, don't break the law, and if you are a business person of any kind, do not post ANY message that identifies your company, products or services without specific permission from an Administrator/ Moderator.

We reserve the right to move, modify, delete or merge posts at our discretion and without explanation.

These rules may be amended at any time... Please review this page periodically.

If you would like to post anything related to your business, you must first have the permission of the Administator/Moderator.
Unauthorized solicitation post and other items that violate forum rules will be removed.

Signatures/usernames/avatars must be family safe; they are always visible to guests and many of our members view this board at the office or with family. For members who prefer not to view signatures, there is an option to turn them off in the User CP.

Please use socially acceptable avatars only; no sexual/adult content. Non-conforming avatars will be removed.

All posts by members are the sole responsibility of that member. This forum, and its administration, do not warrant, or assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information represented on this site.

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