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johntimber 07-10-2018 12:01 PM

f-150 4.6L Rough Idle and stall

My engine is stock. I installed the predator 93 octane tune. When I first installed it sometimes the truck would stall when I stopped and did not place it in park. Also it did this when I shifted into reverse. I got a check engine light. I can't remember the trouble code (P ????) "Idle control air speed lower than expected". Also got another code saying something like "OBD test did not finish" or something to that effect. If it comes up again I will post it exactly. After a few weeks it stopped doing this but recently while on a 500 mile road trip it started again. Any idea what may be causing this? I read somewhere that it could be MAF sensor, and also that it could be throttle body problem. Do I need a custom tune? Any suggestions for a few more HP or MPG? I have been considering a cold air intake and electric fan. Is it worth it? what about throttle body or TB spacer?

Please help.

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Chuckie 07-10-2018 03:32 PM

This is the wrong forum for that. Diesels and vegi oil are the mantra here. Sorry. Try For Truck Enthusiast forum.

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