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jasco 07-17-2016 01:37 AM

Canadian Border Crossing
Hey Everyone,

I'm planning a trip in a couple weeks and was just wondering if anyone has any experience with crossing the US/Canadian border with veggie. I'll be crossing into Canada at Sault Ste. Marie and then back into the US at Niagara falls. Just curious if anyone has crossed both ways with barrels full of veg? Is the fact that my truck runs on VEG going to be a problem? When I cross into Canada I'll probably have 50 gallons in three barrels and when I cross back into the US I will probably only have about 10-15 gallons left still in the barrels and the rest in my tank. Barrels are unmarked, should I clearly Mark them? Just don't want to get hassled at the border crossing.

whitey 07-17-2016 07:12 PM

Crossed a few times never any issues, then don't even check.

jasco 07-17-2016 07:27 PM

I figure I may get some questions. 4 20 gallon barrels in the bed of my truck and I don't have a cap so they will notice them.

skyskijason 07-19-2016 01:44 PM

Paul lives in SSM. I think Mike is near Buffalo... Hopefully they'll chime in.

I suspect your WVO is not on the radar for them. I think I'd be totally honest about it if they did ask. You are not breaking any laws in this country (your VO is just a 'fuel additive' - it isn't 'untaxed road fuel' ;)).

Wyn-Wyn 07-22-2016 02:41 AM

When are you coming through the sault.? I go through all the time. I've never had an issue. Just be honest. I also have lots of clean oil here if you need to top up or haul less. I go across on a weekly basis with my truck no issues. I'm usually not hauling extra. But I have done it before. On a trailer.
Would be great to meet up. And I'll be happy to help you with any concerns problems things to do etc.
Pm me.

jasco 07-22-2016 09:10 AM

I've got so much oil I'd rather burn my own, but thanks for the offer. I should be rolling through Monday Aug 1st. Will be doing a couple days of hiking in Killarney Provincial Park and then a day canoe trip in French River Provincial Park.

biostroker 02-11-2017 02:12 AM

I see that this post is a little old, but it's what I found when I searched "Canada border crossing." How did the border crossing go? I'm planning on going to Canada in about a month and would like to take enough oil for the drive-probably around 100 gallons or so. Has anyone had any trouble either crossing into Canada or coming back into the States? Any further advice?

ToolmakerRob 02-11-2017 06:52 PM


Where/when exactly are you planning on going in Canada? I should be able to supply you with some oil if need be if I am around.


biostroker 02-13-2017 04:01 PM


Originally Posted by ToolmakerRob (Post 72957)

Where/when exactly are you planning on going in Canada? I should be able to supply you with some oil if need be if I am around.


Heading up March 10-21 for a ski trip. Crossing the border at Eureka, Montana and driving through Golden, Revelstoke, Nelson area. Do you live in that region? Thanks for the offer!
More than anything I'm just wondering if border control cares or if there are any regulations about how much oil you can bring with you. Don't want any surprises when I get to the border!

ToolmakerRob 02-14-2017 02:14 AM


Sorry but I am nowhere near where you are crossing. I am about two hours from Detroit Michigan. If you are ever in that area let me know. I will pm you my cell number as well.
I have been in the area you are heading to and it is absolutely beautiful!!
Please let us know how you make out at the border when you get back.


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