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  1. greasyX
    03-05-2011 09:11 PM
    wondering if you are still selling fuel? If so how much per 275 tote? I steered a couple friends over to the greasy side and they need to fuel their habits.........I am trying to keep all interactions within this wvo "family". Thanks again harold.
  2. greasyX
    02-22-2010 05:44 PM
    Hi josh,just wanted you to know If you need a source for IBCs I started selling these recently.......bulk discount available............harold
  3. greasyX
    04-06-2009 01:21 PM
    Hi Josh,harold in NH ,just wanted to give you a heads up,about some oil.My friend I get my oil from (bio-D producer) called this weekend about anyone looking to buy oil in bulk.I don't have the logistics yet,but will talk to him this afternoon.This is a large amount of oil,all settled and stored in 275 gallon totes and a few tower tanks.I told him I would ask around,as he likes to deal with people in circle of friends established down here.This might end up being constant supply not sure of volume yet.Give me a pm with any Q's or soon harold
  4. greasyX
    04-04-2009 02:06 AM
    No problem josh, as I tell david,always help a greaser,its my way to pay it forward................I'll give you a shout when I am up that way.I talked to david today,I guess he sold the dodge to a guy in boston that runs some kind of food co-op,and was looking for that exact truck......everything always works out for the soon Harold AKA GREASY..........
  5. VTVegiPower
    02-16-2009 11:10 PM
    Well the tundra is starting to head out. My woodlot is starting to get a little muddy on these sunny days. We definitely had a long productive weekend. David is a wealth of knowledge. I give him alot of credit for the amount of quality work he has done completely on his own with limited tools and space. My refinery is well on it's way, I now have the ability to refine 1000+ gallons a week. Now I just need to find it. That said, if you know of any sources, whether they be restaurants or anything else let me know. I can pickup 750+ gallons in one haul now. I'd be happy to put in a good word on the dodge. He did a very professional job with that install. And that oil will be ready whenever you come through VT.
  6. greasyX
    02-16-2009 03:42 PM
    Hows it going up there in the tundra of Burlington?Just got off the phone with David,said you guys had a good weekend,very productive.I am glad that worked out for the both of you,and hope you are closer to to dream of WVO refinery .I just want you to know david is selling the dodge(my old truck) and there are a few people looking on here,so any input down the road would be greatfully appreciated.Good luck on your venture.PS I am gonna take you up on that oil this summer,as the family will be taking a 1200 mile trip thru Canada,Upstate newyork,Vermont and ofcourse NH.It will be a trip thru the towns my family(and wifes family) came from.....I need a Vacation anywho............greasy
  7. VTVegiPower
    09-28-2008 12:35 PM
    That many plastic barrels seems like way too much hassle to me. I'm thinking large tank on a trailer. I do not know if your pumping system allows for that type of transfer, but I would work with you to provide an adequate pump. I am open to your suggestions on cleaning, I have not researched much into that aspect yet. I would also appreciate your advice on chemicals for storing filtered product.
  8. greasyX
    09-28-2008 02:34 AM
    Your not crazy,maybe starting a little big,but not crazy.lets talk transport first,always logistics first,then supply,this is the best route for this product.First profit ratio,i don't mind helping personal use at no profit,but this is gonna be big,and we have a vac truck to feed.I suggest you start collecting Plastic barrels,55-60,closed head.You specify cleaning agent,I clean "my Barrels"with it,fill to spec,You verify product,Then money,then "swap" my full for your empty barrels.This is A good winter tactic,as oil will be heated at my storage,not so much out side.Right know my supplier and I have concurred to start selling "Bulk" this means more then 250 gallons Unfiltered "Honey".My centrifuge I use for "small" batchs.You and I could Discuss "Filtering"services as your product.Oh yeah,vac-truck holds more then enough,and we have 10,000+ gallons NOW,right back for biz or advice greasy
  9. VTVegiPower
    09-27-2008 11:54 PM
    I'm planning on hooking up with a company that has a fleet of 8 or so powerstrokes and catering solely to them and my own pickup. They also have multiple off-road vehicles that they would be interested in building their own conversions on and that itself could create a need of much as 100 or more gallons a day. So I am talking seriously large amounts. I plan to filter 500 a week to begin with. I want to collect locally but restuarants only produce so much. There is one potato chip factory nearby and I am looking into what they can provide. I am just getting this going and I may not even need anything until after the first of the year. Are those amounts even possible on your end? Do you just think I'm crazy?
  10. greasyX
    09-27-2008 02:33 AM
    I haven't asked about cheaper,but i can.I can get as much as i can pump.It is time consuming,but worth it.I pump off surface of 2 month settled oil,it is very nice oil.I believe i will be doing a pre-buy before winter(2000 gallons+_),I will talk discount then.Just so we are on the same page,whats your gameplan?Personal or resale?We will be offering the unfiltered all the time,and filtered per order,cash sales.cell#603-254-6121 after 5 weekdays.

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